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Discord Rules
✦ 1. Remember to be kind and respectful in the server. Some common examples of this are: ✦
- Not respecting someone's political beliefs / enforcing your political beliefs onto someone else. (you can discuss politics if you choose to, but please take it to DM's or don't get serious in the public chats)
- Annoying someone by methods of: Spamming voice channels, Spamming pinging them, Spamming messages at them and more.
- Refrain from any discussion about leaking someone's personal information as this is prohibited.

✦ 2. Do not discuss anything against discord TOS here. ✦
- Anything illegal will fall under this category (including doxxing/ddosing, someone)
- No sexual content of any kind (We will never have an NSFW channel in this server)

✦ 3. Chill and have a good time! ✦
- We're all here to help each other, so please be nice and enjoy your stay on the server!
- If you're new here, send a message in general!
Frank C.
Founder - Leadership Team - Development

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